Bibliographical works on quantitative linguistics

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The most recent and comprehensive Bibliography of Quantitative Linguistics (BQL) appeared in the year 1995:

  • Reinhard Köhler [with the assistance of Christiane Hoffmann] (1995), Bibliography of quantitative linguistics = Bibliographie zur quantitativen Linguistik = Bibliografija po kvantitativnoj lingvistike. Amsterdam: Benjamins. (Amsterdam studies in the theory and history of linguistic science : Library and information sources in linguistics ; 25)

containing more than 6300 entries, 7 different indices (authors, keywords, subject headings, subheadings, uncontrolled vocabulary, languages investigated, and reviewed publications), and a preface and explanations in three languages. Most publications contained in this volume were evaluated in autopsy. Data collection was done, in the first place, on the basis of original literature, but also from authors in the framework of a special enquiry, and using the following bibliographies:

  • Guiraud, P.. 1974. Bibliographie critique de la linguistique statistique. Utrecht.
  • Girke, W.; Jachnow, H. & Schrenk, J.. 1962. Handbibliographie zur neueren Linguistik in Osteuropa. München.
  • Doležel, L. (ed.). 1964. Kvantitativní lingvistika 1962. Novinky literatury. Jazykověda, literarní věda 10.
  • Doležel, L. (ed.). 1965. Kvantitativní lingvistika 1963. Novinky literatury. Jazykověda, literarní věda 2.
  • Billmeier, G. & Krallmann, D.. 1969. Bibliographie zur Statistischen Linguistik. Institut für Kommunikationsforschung und Phonetik der Universität Bonn – Forschungsbericht 69-3.
  • Arzikulov, Ch. A. & Sadčikova, P. V.. 1985. Samarkand.
  • Sadčikova, P. V.. 1992. Čimkent.
  • Čižakovskij, V. A. & Bektaev, K. B.. 1986. Statistika reči 1957-1985. Kišinev.

Almost at the same time, another QL bibliography appeared:

  • Sabourin, Conrad F.. 1994. Quantitative and statistical linguistics: Bibliography. Montréal: Infolingua.

with 3100 references.