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Autoglottonym: ?
Pronunciation: [{{{Pronunciation}}}]
Ethnologue name: Nama
OLAC name: {{{OLACname}}}
Location point: 18dE 25d30S
Family: Khoisan
Genus: Central Khoisan
Country: Namibia, South Africa
Official in: ?
Speakers: {{{Speakers}}}
Writing system: {{{WritingSyst}}}
ISO 639-1: ?
ISO 639-2: ? ?
ISO 639-3: {{{ISO3}}}


The name Khoekhoe is now generally preferred in Khoisan studies.

Alternative names are


Khoekhoe is spoken throughout Namibia, except in the most northern part of the country, and in the Northern Cape province of South Africa.


There are about 30,000 speakers. They belong to two distinct groups: (i) The Namas in the area to the south of Windhoek, (ii) the Damaras (or Bergdamas) in the area to the north of Windhoek (Hagman 1977:1).

Most Khoekhoe speakers also speak Afrikaans as a second language, and some also speak English, or Herero (Hagman 1977:1).




Validity of classification


Works on the language

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