Realizational formula

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A realizational formula is the type of algebraic statement that is appropriate for the description of structural relationships according to stratificational theory. A realizational formula bears a superficial resemblance to a rewrite rule. But unlike rewrite or mutation rules in a process description, realization formulae are not necessarily ordered. For example, a pair of formulae may be allowed to operate simultaneously, or they may be allowed to operate in either of the two possible orders.


In Monachi (Utoaztecan, California):

E / V1K ] V1
A "chameleon vowel" (/E/) is realized as the vowel (V1) identical to the preceding vowel, with intervening consonant or consonant cluster (K).

u / oK ] o
/u/ is realized as /o/ when preceded by /o/ plus consonant or consonant cluster (K).