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The elements combined in coordination are called coordinands.


In the coordinated phrase the moon and the sun, the two coordinands are the moon and the sun.



The term coordinand was apparently coined by R.M.W. Dixon and used, for instance, in his grammar of Fijian (Dixon 1988:161). It was taken up by Haspelmath (2004) and Haspelmath (2007).

  • "Coordinand: This term is introduced in the present chapter for the units that are combined in a coordinate construction (cf. Dixon 1988:161, where I have found this term used in the same sense). There is no traditional term for this concept. Dik (1968) uses the term term (of a coordination). Sometimes the term conjunct is used as a synonym of coordinand (just as conjunction is sometimes used as a synonym of coordination), but this is confusing and should be avoided." (Haspelmath 2007:50)


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