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Glottopedia may contain articles on scientific conferences in the field of linguistics, both past conferences and future conferences (an example is Syntax of the World's Languages 1, Leipzig (SWL1)). In this regard, Glottopedia is thus different from Wikipedia which has an explicirt policy specifying that it must not be used as a calendar of events.

However, Glottopedia conference articles are not intended to replace conference websites. Rather, they are intended to record the most important information about a conference, in particular the scientific presentations, for future reference. Glottopedia conference websites should conform to the following rules:

  • A conference article consists of three sections: (1) A general section giving the name, time and place of the conference, as well as other basic information about it; (2) A link section that provides a link to the conference webiste (if it (still) exists; (3) The conference programme, arranged by dates.
  • Only the names, affiliations and presentation titles are given. Precise schedules and other kinds of practical information that are only relevant to conference participants are omitted, because the purpose of the Glottopedia article is merely to record the scientific content of the conference.
  • Names and institutions of participants can be linked to other linguistic research articles.