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Metatypy is a relatively new term for a kind of contact-induced language change in which a language's syntactic and semantic patterns are changed on a large scale following a model language in which the speakers are bilingual and which is the dominant language of the speakers.

Term properties

The corresponding relational adjective is metatypic (e.g. "metatypic change"), and the corresponding verb is metatypize (e.g. "a metatypized language", i.e. a language that has undergone metatypy).


The term was introduced by Malcolm D. Ross (1996:182) and elaborated in subsequent publications. It is based on Greek meta- (a prefix sometimes used to denote change. e.g. metamorphosis, metabolism), the Greek root typ- ('type'), and the Greek word-formation pattern prefix-root-y (e.g. ana-log-y, hypo-cris-y, syn-onym-y).


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