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Paradigm is a term which is used for the set of all the inflected forms which an individual word assumes.


the list in (i) is the paradigm of the Russian verb delat' 'to do':

(i)	del-a-t'	'to do'
	singular	plural		imperative
   1	del-aj-u	del-aj-em	sg.:	del-aj
   2	del-aj-es	del-aj-ete	pl.:	del-aj-te
   3	del-aj-et	del-aj-ut
   Past participle active:			del-a-l
   Past participle passive:		del-a-n
   Present participle active:		del-aj-uscij
   Present participle passive:		del-aj-emyj


The term derives from the Greek word for 'pattern' or 'example'.

Other languages

Chinese 范式聚合法
German Paradigma


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