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Oliver Rainford - Unaffiliated Graduate

Contact -


I'm Oli, a Linguistics graduate currently based in Lancaster, UK, and whilst currently unaffiliated, working towards a career in Public Science Communication. It is my intent to throw my hat into the ring and do my best to contribute to the shaping and guiding of changing British attitudes to language, and tackle the entrenched, multi-faceted, benevolently-neglecting beast that is the UK's language 'problem'; though I shall save the details for another time and place!

I'm looking forward to contributing and working on the Glottopedia project! Should you need to contact me then feel free to use the above email address, but bear in mind that in order to live, eat, and sleep soundly I do have a full time job, so replies may not be prompt; I apologise for this in advance!

Attainment & Commendations

Language & Linguistics MA Hons, University of Aberdeen (Special Commendation)

LAGB Outstanding Undergraduate Dissertation of the Year 2018 - Nominee