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(article already exists in German)
(article already exists in German)
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===See also===
===See also===
[[Glottopedia:Survey articles|survey articles]] on Skolt Saami linguistic structures:
[[Glottopedia:Survey articles|Survey articles]] on Skolt Saami linguistic structures:
*[[Skoltsaamische_Phonologie|Skolt Saami phonology (de)]]
*[[Skoltsaamische_Phonologie|Skolt Saami phonology (de)]]
*[[Phrase structure in Skolt Saami]]
*[[Phrasenstruktur im Skoltsaamischen|Phrase structure in Skolt Saami (de)]]
*[[Clause structure in Skolt Saami]]
*[[Clause structure in Skolt Saami]]
*[[Skolt Saami vocabulary]]
*[[Skolt Saami vocabulary]]

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Skolt Saami
Autoglottonym: Sääˊmǩiõll
Pronunciation: [{{{Pronunciation}}}]
Ethnologue name: Saami, Skolt
OLAC name: {{{OLACname}}}
Location point:
Family: Uralic
Genus: Mainland East-Saamic
Country: Finland, Norway, Russian Federation
Official in: Finland (Inari)
Writing system: {{{WritingSyst}}}
ISO 639-3: {{{ISO3}}}

Skolt Saami is one of the five living East-Saamic languages.


The name "skolt" is derived from the Scandinavian "skalle" meaning "scull", however the Skolt Saami people themselves prefer to be referred to as "Eastern Saami" since "Skolt" is perceived to be more negative.


Skolt Saami is spoken on the mainland, as opposed to Kildin and Ter Saami which are peninsular languages. It is spoken primarily in Finland, but there are also small numbers of speakers in Russia and Norway. Since the Skolt Saami populations are distributed over these three countries and not all Skolt Saami acquire the language, Skolt Saami is considered a minority language which is threatened by extinction.


There are estimated to be about 330-340 speakers, with the majority of whom (about 300) living in Finland. There are about 30 Skolt Saami speakers in Russia and just 3 in Norway. Almost all of its speakers are bilingual.


Skolt-Saami can be split up into the following dialects:

  • Njauddâm
  • Paaččjokk – Peäccam – Mue´tǩǩ
  • Suõ´nn’jel
  • Njuõ´ttjäu´rr – Sââ´rvesjäu´rr.


Mainland East-Saamic


Works on the language

Tim Feist. 2010. A Grammar of Skolt Saami. Ph.D. thesis, University of Manchester. https://www.escholar.manchester.ac.uk/uk-ac-man-scw:123128


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