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Welcome to Glottopedia, the free encyclopedia of linguistics.

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Glottopedia is a freely editable encyclopedia for linguists by linguists that is currently being built up. It will contain dictionary articles on all technical terms of linguistics and is multilingual. In addition, there are survey articles, biographical articles and language articles, potentially on all linguists and all languages.

Glottopedia articles also exist in German, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Danish, Swedish, Chinese, Japanese, Norwegian (Nynorsk), and in the future hopefully also in many other languages.

Glottopedia needs your contribution!

Glottopedia Team


Editors-in-Chief: Dr. Sven Naumann, Dr. Jan Wohlgemuth

Technical Editor: Tim Rostin

Scientific Advisory Council

Gabriel Altmann, Pier Marco Bertinetto, Greville G. Corbett, Östen Dahl, Martin Haase, Martin Haspelmath, Reinhard Köhler, John McWhorter, Eva Schoenke, Jürgen Wedekind

Sample dictionary articles


(see also Portal:Syntax)

adjective, alliterative agreement, applicative, apposition, argument structure, attribute, case, complement, contact clause, coordinand, core argument, c-structure, dative transformation, dependency grammar, ellipsis, ergativity, free state, full verb, gapping, infinitive, internal argument, lexical category, negative concord, nonconfigurationality, noun, part of speech, phrase structure grammar, pied piping, prepositional phrase, pro, PRO, promotion, rich agreement, semantic macrorole, subject, subordinator, subcomparative construction, syntactic function, X-bar theory, Θ-role


(see also Portal:Morphology)

accusative case, adfix, affix, allocutive, base, category-system, deadjectival, derivation, dimension, Distributed Morphology, expletive infixation, fission, flag, impoverishment, infinitive, inflection, lexeme, macroparadigm, morpheme, morphophonemics, morphosyntactic category, oblique case, plurale tantum, prefix, reduplicant, simplex, supine, suspended affixation, syncretism

Phonetics and Phonology

(see also Portal:Phonetics and phonology)

affricate, apocope, apicodental, appendix (in syllable structure), approximant, breathy voice, coda, compensatory lengthening, Contrastive Specification Theory, dactyl, declarative phonology, degenerate foot, dependency phonology, extrametricality, fricative, labiodental, laryngeal, lateral, liquid, manner of articulation, Maximal Onset Principle, metrical phonology, minimal word constraint, nasal, natural class, pitch accent (lexical), prependix, stop, stress, stress-timed and syllable-timed, uvular, velar, velarization, vowel


(see also Portal:Semantics)

agent, ambiguity, antonym, aspect, commissive, collective noun, connotation, de dicto and de re, denotation, directive, echo question, face, hedge, holonym, hyperonym, hyponym, idiom, illocution, implicature, indirect speech act, internally caused situation, meaning, modality, Natural Semantic Metalanguage, performative verb, perlocutionary act, proposition, protasis, semantic marker, semantic role, sense, specificity, speech act, thetic vs. categorical, vagueness


(see also Portal:Diachrony)

antigrammaticalization, borrowing, genus, haplology, hyperanalysis, innovation, language family, loanword, normal transmission, propagation, push chain, reanalysis, sound law, syntacticization, xenism

Computational Linguistics

(see also Portal:Computational Linguistics)

Brill-Tagger, feature logic, finite-state automata, GPSG, HPSG, LFG, ID/LP rules, KWIC concordance, parser, shallow parsing, subsumption, tagger, Two-level morphology, unification, unification-based grammars, machine translation, chunking

Quantitative Linguistics

(see also Portal:Quantitative Linguistics)

aims and methods of quantitative linguistics, history of quantitative linguistics , property, unit, entropy, frequency, function, law, graph theory, hypothesis, index, information, information theory, numeric classification, length, measure, metrics, model (building), economy, process, scale, language law, statistics, structure, synergetic linguistics, system, system requirement, text, text statistics, theory, distribution, repetition, properties of the word, interrelation, polysemy, polytextuality, neighbours, Ngram frequency

Sample biographical articles

(see also: Portal:Biography)

Karl Ferdinand Becker, Johannes Benzing, Simon C. Dik, Dionysius Thrax, Stefan Elders, H. Allan Gleason Jr., Einar Haugen, Marco Haverkort, Karl Erich Heidolph, Boris Isaakovič Jarcho, Georg Friedrich Meier, Harry L. ShortoJohn Sinclair, Sergej A. Starostin, Jost Winteler

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